Defending our money, sadly.

Every day at work, or at least the days of the week when I work, a security firm stops by the department store to take that day’s deposit and take it away in an armored truck. This is quite common these days with larger stores. It used to be that our managers would take an employee to the bank down the street with them every day. With the security firm we not only save time, but supposedly we’re safer as a result.

As today’s employee from the firm (I’m not sure what to call them) left the office, I started thinking about the fact that they each carry a gun. Not placing high value on money myself, I found it sad that somebody from this firm would have the gun in case of getting robbed for something so trivial. I’m sure the idea is that it’s in case the guy has to defend himself against an attack, but I have to wonder just how certain people would respond under pressure. Do they have the legal right to aim the gun at somebody trying to rob them, even though they aren’t under any physical danger?

Then I thought about the fact that the gun is perfectly visible on the guy’s hip, and it hit me: it’s there as a precaution, but primarily as a deterrent. It says to the would-be robber, “go ahead and try it, bitch.” Isn’t it sad that we have become so attached to money and wealth that we have to threaten somebody with possible death if they try to take just a little bit away from us? I know, one could make the argument that the money is our lifeblood. In a capitalistic society, that money means food. Wouldn’t it be nice, though, if we lived in a system in which that wasn’t an issue? Before I supported a break away from capitalism based on the idea that we shouldn’t work for food unless we actually work at growing the food or other of life’s necessities. But now I have another reason to add: we shouldn’t be threatening each other with violence instead of working together to grow food or build shelter.

I know I’m stuck in this system, and no matter how hard I try I have a hard time breaking free myself. I think I’m maturing to how I feel about money and consumer goods. Still, I falter, and I will continue to do so. But one thing that you will never find me doing is shooting somebody if they try to take my cash away. They want my money, not my life. Thankfully, I live in an area that I can walk around a park at midnight and not worry about such things. If I lived in a more violent area… well, that’s a hard situation to get my head into. Of course I can say that I would simply hand over my money and not try to fight back if all they want to do is rob me. If I actually found myself in a situation like that, though, I might feel differently at the time. If they do try to attack me then I will respond, that much I do know.

Still… wouldn’t it be nice if we lived in a system in which that wasn’t an issue?


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