Trying to not live mechanically anymore.

I will admit that without constant access to the Internet I’m getting inspiration for blog posts less frequently. Perhaps it’s another way in which the Internet was a sort of crutch. Forcing myself to think up ideas now provides a mental exercise. Once I have the idea the process is the same. I start writing and the writing begets more writing. The hardest part of any of these blog posts is coming up with the initial thought.

I won’t say that I don’t miss sometimes reacting to current events, nor am I saying that I never will again. But without Internet or T.V. at home I don’t have immediate access to those events as frequently anymore. I’ve already given up on newspapers. Truthfully I feel liberated in a way. By removing that quick fix for boredom from my home, I have to force myself to do something else. I’m catching up on my movies and books a lot faster than I used to. I don’t feel like I have to watch something on Netflix or listen to something on Spotify because I’m paying for the service. If it’s nice out I go out on the kayak or sit on the landing and fool around on a guitar. Sometimes I do nothing at all but rest.

One of the movie’s I’ve been meaning to see but just now made the time for is “My Dinner with Andre.” I highly recommend that people see this movie at least once for the dialogue alone. In the movie the characters discuss living mechanically which can cause people to die inside, and our culture dies as well. As a result we live our lives by going through the motions. As a writer I impose a routine on myself because I work better that way. If I don’t have a routine getting ready for work I tend to forget things such as lunch, and I can’t afford that. But I only have these routines in place as guidelines, and I feel sometimes that I have to change or break them in order to live more fully.

That’s why I’m glad that I cut off the Internet at home. When I make it so I only get online when I can, I don’t have the crutch of the routine dictating what I do every day. I’m not hopping on the computer whenever I’m bored simply because it’s an easy thing to do. Through the Internet I may have learned facts about the outside world, but I lost the connection to my personal real world.


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