Almost done with the first draft of my new novel.

Perhaps I’m being unfair on myself, but it seems that the closer I get to completing “The Gallery” the longer it seems to be taking. It could be a matter of coincidence. It seems lately that every day during which I have time set aside for working on the novel something else comes up, or I had to stay late at work thereby disrupting my routine, or I had such a rough day that I had a hard time getting myself in the mood to write the scene that I’m working on. That happened yesterday and Friday, despite the productive run that I had last week. It still seems strange to me that my physical state of being affects my creativity in that way.

That brings me to my next point, in that there are some days that I can’t get myself in the mood to write the scene that I’m supposed to be writing. I have said before that I’m not going to beat myself up over days like that. I want to make sure I get the work done well, not right away. At the same time there is still the thing inside of me that if I know that I have a scene to get through, I want to get it done. I have to remember to have faith in myself that I will finish. I’m projecting that I’ll have the first draft done by the end of next week. I only have two more plot points to hit, but I know that I won’t get them both done too quickly. Thursday the family is getting together for my father’s birthday, so I won’t schedule any writing time for myself ahead of time. Who knows how I’ll feel on Friday.

I also tend to feel that the closer I get to the end, the scenes are more important and I have to work on them harder. I know that this is a foolish assumption. Every scene is important, and I should work on each one as hard as all of the others. Also I’m on the first draft. I tend to work quickly through the first draft and take my time revising. Is that wrong? I’ve heard other writers do it the other way around. Maybe it’s because I like revising less than the first draft and I need to practice it. Whatever the case is, I have to remember that I will go back to work on it later and to blaze through it now. That isn’t to say to rush it and let the work suffer as a result, but to get my ass in gear.

Today I’m late in getting started working on it, and if I do I’ll have to skip guitar practice. If I practice guitar I’ll have to skip writing. I’ll have to see what mood I’m in when I get home. I will say that without the Internet connection I’m having an easier time writing, as I don’t have the ability to distract myself. This could be a case for not working on the book in public. Then again, I’ve taken to the idea that I shouldn’t bother with my laptop when I go to a coffee shop. Like Greg Proops says, it puts up an “Anti-Pussy Perimeter” around me.


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