Trying to get a sissy bar on my bike.

I got a sissy bar for my motorcycle. In of itself that’s not a major announcement. It’s a lot like the older type of posts I used to write for this blog. I’m pleased that I got it, and I’m pleased that I got it for free. My brother-in-law got a new bike, and gave me the sissy bar off of his old one. In order to put it on my bike I had to take the chrome trim off of my rear fenders. This is where the complications started. Not being a handyman, I don’t have a large collection of tools to work with. My bike came with a tool kit, but so far I haven’t found much use for most of what’s in it. It came to no surprise that I didn’t have the hex key I needed to take off an unessential decorative piece. My father lives down the street, so I borrowed a hex key from him. Say what you will about cutting the cord but why go to the store to buy a tool I’ll only use once when I can just borrow it from him?

Yesterday I borrowed what I thought was the right size wrench, took it home, and tried to take off the bolts holding the trim on. The two rear bolts came off fine, but the wrench wouldn’t catch the other two. By that point I didn’t want to bother working on the bike anymore, so I waited until this afternoon to get a different wrench from him. It turns out that I needed metric. We both should have figured this as it’s a Japanese bike. I borrowed a different wrench and went home again. As soon as I got the I managed to get all four bolts off with no problem. There was nothing underneath the trim other than the part of the framework that held it on. It was to this I would bolt on the sissy bar.

The sissy bar is adjustable length-wise. I needed to extend the bar to make it fit to my bike, so I had to pull out components from the frame in order to make the wholes match up with the bolts. I noticed that underneath the sissy bar these components were held in with set screws. I never bothered to look before as I was so focused on getting the trim off the fender first. When he gave the sissy bar to me my brother-in-law was convinced that all I needed was a hammer. I could have sworn I had one but it turned out not to matter. What mattered was that I needed to borrow another hex key from my father in order to loosen up those set screws.

I took the sissy bar in my car down to his place to borrow another wrench. I was getting mildly annoyed at this point but I knew it was my fault for not looking at what I needed and planning ahead. Fine, I would just borrow another wrench to loosen up those screws and move on. My father tried the wrench in one of the screws and it moved fine. Unfortunately the sissy bar is around two decades old. The rust I can paint. However, one of the set screws was rounded. My father offered to hang onto the sissy bar so he could drill into it. I think he just wanted another project to do. I didn’t want him to get involved in my problems, but he insisted. Besides, I’m better off not doing the drilling myself. Me and power tools don’t mix.

So now I have to wait until he gets to it, which may be tomorrow. I really wanted it for Friday so I could try my usual grocery shopping on the bike. What should be a simple project turned out to be an nuisance. I’m annoyed at the equipment, but annoyed at myself for not working on this over the weekend I got the thing when it was nice out. I can still work on the bike during the week and skip parts of my routine, but it shouldn’t be taking this long.

I realize that this post did turn into a bit of an older-style post. I’m surprised I was able to write anything, to be honest. I doubt I will write much, if anything, of “The Gallery” today. I’m exhausted from work. It wasn’t a rough day; in fact, it was quite the opposite. But when work is productive I get in a good mood and work harder. It was great that we processed an entire delivery in one day, but maybe I should have eased off a bit.


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