The effects of showering in the morning.

With my shower radio comes a base unit that can transmit a signal to the radio itself. This means I can hook up my iPod from a remote distance so I don’t have to risk getting it wet. That isn’t the only advantage; I’ll get to my full set-up in a moment. For a long time either the transmitter or the receiver on the radio wasn’t working, so if I wanted to listen to my iPod in my shower I had to hook it up via stereo cable and set the iPod aside. I was able to do this without getting it wet, but it became a hassle. The shower radio is hooked up to a timer, which I end up using as the radio’s power switch (the original on the unit itself being broken). Then I would have to hook up the iPod inside the stall, and take my shower. If I forgot to take the iPod out when I got out of the shower, I would have to go back in to get it, getting my feet wet.

Just recently I decided to try again to see if the transmitter or receiver was working. It is. Now I’m able to hook up my iPod in my bedroom, and use the timer hooked up to the shower radio for what it’s supposed to be used for. I’m repeating information that I’ve already mentioned before, but today I’m updating this part of my routine as it ties everything together as well as noting the advantage of a simple change in routine has on another goal. So, here goes: the iPod is hooked up to both my alarm clock and shower radio, allowing it to be heard on both. At four o’clock in the morning the alarm turns the iPod on to whatever I had it set to the night before. At the same time the shower radio comes on. This allows me to get out of bed and head right for the shower so I don’t miss what I’m missing. This also cuts down on the time it would take for me to unplug the iPod and set it up in the shower.

To this end, it makes it even more possible to shower in the morning before going to work. Before I was concerned as I only get up an hour before I have to be there. Since I quit my second job it’s easier for me to get up in the morning, but I’m still cutting it close. Also, last week I started air-drying in order not have to put towels in my laundry. This takes time, and I had to make sure by timing how long it took to dry after showering yesterday. Yes, I’m so anal about this I time how long it takes for me to dry at least to the point in which I’m comfortable leaving the shower to go about my business.
It turns out that I cut it close, but can do it. So, I get up, go right to the shower, then do my morning stuff while catching up on my podcasts without missing a beat. The timer turns off around quarter of five, while I turn the alarm off by myself when I take my iPod off of it.

There’s also less laundry involved in taking a shower in the morning, which is the main reason I’m doing this. Before, when I took a shower after coming home from work, I had two wash cloths a day, one for the morning when I got up and one for when I took my shower. After getting up and then after taking each shower I would change into a new pair of underwear. With showering in the morning I both things down by half. This may not seem significant but I only have limited space on my drying rack (especially now that one of the dowels broke yesterday). One more advantage: this saves time when I come home from work. Now I can get home and write. Even if I don’t increase the amount of time writing I can get other things done afterwards.

The only possible disadvantage to doing all of this is leaving the shower radio transmitter on all night. I doubt it takes much electricity, but I have no idea. Through my power company’s website I normally can read how much electricity I use throughout different times a day. For some reason today and yesterday weren’t showing up, so I still have yet to find out. I doubt it uses much, though. It looks like that most of the electricity I use at any time of day is when I have my laptop on, and even that doesn’t look like it’s costing me much. I have to wonder, though. Would it help if I only used it on batter power and then plugged it in to charge that battery? Or would it just cost too much to keep replacing the battery as a result? For that matter, I have been charging the battery at the same time I’ve been using the computer. Would that effect how much electricity it uses?


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