Yesterday’s post: kayaking, saving money, computing

This was a post I wrote yesterday before I got my computer back up and running properly. I could have even posted it last night but I had several checks to go through before I wanted to do much online. I will also publish a post a few minutes after this one. Having skipped Sunday, this covers me for the week.

As I’m not sure when I’m publishing this post in relation to fixing my computer, I’m going to hold off writing anything a bout where I am in that process–if I write anything about it at all. I tend to rely on the Internet as my primary connection to the outside world. As my computer is down I’m going to have to pick subjects for my blog that don’t relate to current events. I do that all the time but it feels weird to force myself to think of a subject off the top of my head to write about.

I’m going the easy route today and make one of the “older-style” posts of this blog. There’s nothing wrong with writing about what’s been going on in my personal life once in a while, I suppose. I just finished the second “act” of the first draft of “The Gallery” last week. I wish I could have gotten further with the book sooner but life was getting in the way. I wanted to make sure that I was in the proper mindset to write the closing scene to that act. More to the point, I was previously in the mindset to not write it. I refer to these chunks of the story as I outline my longer stories like how I was taught to outline a screenplay: three acts of ten plot points each. This serves me well when writing novels. I only completed first drafts for two other novels before, although I doubt I’ll do anything with them. They’re part of a fantasy series that I had to get out of my system rather than take seriously.

In the midst of my computer problems I still attempted to have a normal weekend. The weather was at its warmers at high tide Saturday afternoon, so I took the kayak out. I still don’t have a good way of carrying it on my car, but I now have a cart I can strap onto it. I wheeled it to the bridge that leads to Seapoint Beach and launched it into Chauncey Creek heading towards York. I’ve already taken it in the other direction to the Kittery Point Harbor, a route that I’ve already seen. from the road for over thirty years. Driving north on Route 103 one only catches glimpses of the creek, so I headed of that way. I only stopped to take one picture.

The current was too strong for me to stay in one place for too long. I didn’t know what might have been in the marsh, so I didn’t want to risk hitting something I didn’t want to. Plus, I know that creek gets too shallow to kayak in when the tide goes out, so I wanted to get back. I only wanted to see a part of the world I hadn’t seen before. It was a bit of a boring part of the world this time, but it’s a start.
I haven’t gone out on the town for a while, and I had some overtime pay this last week, so I went out to Portsmouth Saturday night. I still watched my spending while I was out, as I need to save for my upcoming vacations this Summer. I especially need to save for  the big bike trip I’m planning in July. I’m going to Toronto, so I’ll be away for at least three days. I was going to borrow a tent to save money, but I’m going to try saving ahead of time for hotel stays. I hate camping. Plus I don’t know the areas in which I’ll be staying. I feel better if my valuables were in a locked hotel room.
Sunday I didn’t do a whole lot. I took the bike out for a while, but it’s still too cold for a day trip. It’s warm enough to use it for going somewhere but not joy riding. I came back, had dinner, and spent the rest of the evening upgrading my computer from its factory settings. As I write this I think I got the Trojans that were on it. There’s a few more things I want to do before to make sure. I don’t want to do too much on it until I check this thing out thoroughly. Needless to say I won’t be working on “The Gallery” tonight.

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