Blog down for a few days.

I’ve had to restore my computer again. Like last time, I don’t expect to be online for a few days. Unfortunately the version of Internet Explorer that came with my computer can’t handle the Internet anymore, at least not how I use it. I have to wait for a series of upgrades before I can get online. Right now I’m borrowing my father’s computer to write this as well as change a bunch of passwords. I’ll write for the blog throughout the week, but I won’t publish them until I get online with my own computer. I could use this one, but I’m having a hard time with his keyboard. It works okay, but it’s awkward for me. I don’t have time to get used to it.

As far as I can tell I got a couple of Trojans on my computer. Not only were they slowing the computer down but the antivirus software that I have couldn’t get rid of them. Whenever I tried to download new software my I.E. kept saying that they had a virus and it automatically deleted them. So I decided to wipe my hard drive clean and start fresh again.

Where am I going that’s getting me all of these viruses? I have a few sites in mind, which I will avoid from now on. Sadly I can’t ever be sure. At least this time my computer didn’t crash, which means I was able to back up all of my files that I wanted to keep onto a flash drive first. I doubt the Trojans transferred themselves. I know which directories they were in, at least. I’ll scan the drive before I use it. I will get more antivirus software before I use that computer for much of anything.

I guess this means I’m taking a vacation from the book as well. I’m going into the third act. I can still write by hand but it takes forever. For a longer format such as a novel, it’s a pain in my ass… or rather, wrist.


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