My challenge to you: no luggage.

I’m going on vacation in June. I’m going to visit my friend Mike in Seattle. I’m rather embarrassed to say that the airline ticket is paid for by a relative of mine as a Christmas gift, but hey, that’s one expense out of the way. Another way to save money is that I’m staying with Mike for the time I’m there. That is, of course, if he doesn’t kick me out at some point. I’m hoping that we can take some time to record some new Popkin-Salvador stuff but I’m not guaranteeing anything. I’m there for a vacation, not work.

I have a weird hang-up this time. For some reason I’m fixed on the idea that I don’t want to take any luggage. I want to only get on the plane with what I can carry on my person or hold in my hands. I’m going to get bored on the flight over, so I plan on taking my iPod (which I can carry on my belt) and my Kindle (which I can hold). My cell phone is a practical idea, and it can fit in my jeans pocket. The same goes for my wallet and card holder. Otherwise, I don’t want to take a suitcase which could get lost and would be a hassle. I’ve gotten it in my head now that I don’t want to even have a bag that I can carry on board with me. It’s become a challenge.

My shaver I can do without if I don’t worry about stubble as the week goes on. Obviously this would rule out anywhere fancy. (As I don’t have access to an iron there we’re only going where I can get in with jeans and a t-shirt anyway.) It’s laundry that could be a problem. The same pair of jeans and the same t-shirt are going to get dirty and smelly after a couple of wearings. Going to the laundry can get expensive every other day. Wearing layers is out–not only would it make me look suspicious at the airport, it’s going to be too warm that time of the year. I could go shopping and buy different clothes at a thrift store for the week like Jessi Arrington the week when she spoke at a TED Conference. That could get a little pricey, even if I do shop cheap. That still doesn’t solve the problem of underwear, unless I buy a pack out there and throw it away before I go home.

So, I put it to you. Here’s my challenge. How do I go on a trip for a week without taking any luggage? I know this sounds humorous but I would appreciate honest, serious answers. Sorry, there’s no prize for this. Maybe I’ll buy you a beer or something sometime. By the way, this doesn’t mean that in the end I won’t take luggage. But my goal is not to have to if I can help it. I want to just hop of the plane and be ready to go.


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