Why I frequent Mt. Agamenticus.

Earlier today I had to run to York for an errand. It was a bit chilly but I put on layers and took the motorcycle. Before heading over to the grocery store I rode my bike to the summit of Mt. Agamenticus. For a long time I couldn’t figure out what drew me there so often. I’m usually not interested in mountains–indeed, the ride up to the summit was harrowing for me as I’m afraid of heights. My friend Dave and I often disagree as to which type of natural scenery we should hang out at. He prefers mountains while I generally favor the coast. But Mount Agamenticus is different in a way. I suppose I could see the coastline from the summit now that they cut down all of those tress up there. I’m not sure I agree with the reasoning behind cutting them down, but it’s done. I might as well enjoy the view.

But I’ve never been particularly fond of views from mountains, either. They’re nice and pretty for a moment, but not worth the trek to see them. Like I said, this one mountain has a view of the coast where all of the other mountains I’ve been on are further inland, which have more boring views. Mt. Major in New Hampshire is a bit of an exception with the nearby¬†lake, but I like the water to continue into the horizon. So, is it this different view that sets Mt. Agamenticus apart in my mind, that draws me to it?

No. As I sat on my bike contemplating heading to the store, I realized I was starting at the parking lot. It finally dawned on me that it wasn’t the view that drew me to that place, but its seclusive-ness. It’s proximity helps, too. If there were another easy-to-access mountain summit nearby I probably wouldn’t play favorites. My main point is that the top of the mountain feels out of the way. I feel alone and without the modern-day distractions of my apartment. Sure, there could be other people on the mountain or wandering its trails that I might run into. They usually don’t bother me, though, other than saying “good afternoon” or the like when crossing paths. The places just has the feel of seclusive-ness to it, and as I have said before, I’m big on atmosphere.

Should I head up there on a cloudy day with a guitar and write Shadows of Immurement tunes? Should I take a notebook up there and write? I’m trying to save on gas, but I get the feeling that this has been the place I’ve been looking for all along. I can be productive at coffee shops, but the gas and the coffee combined costs money. Renting a studio or office at the moment is out of the question. I hate to ride my motorcycle up that road, but it’s more cost-efficient than a car. I could ride it to the base,* bring some comfortable shoes to hike in, and make my way up to the top via one of the trails. That way I could clear my mind before I even get there. When the weather gets warmer this year I’ll have to try this and see where it takes me.

*I don’t believe the area I’m referring to actually is the base, but it’s where the road leading up to the summit begins, as well as a few of the trails. It feels like the base, although by the time you get there I believe you’re already on the mountain.


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