Cutting down on bills, I hope.

I’m finally coming face to face with the idea that I’m going to have to start saving money. I don’t regret quitting one of my jobs. Maybe I would have had more money but I would end up having to spend it on hospital bills sooner or later due to my eventual collapse. That’s not to mention that I didn’t have any sort of life. The only problem was that I sill kept spending the same way as I used to. Despite owing a lot of money to my father, I did have extra fun money and could use it whenever I wanted. Now I’m facing going broke. But it isn’t just a matter of not going spend-crazy. It looks like that I need to cut down on a lot of spending if I want to be able to afford my bills.

The bills are the first thing that I need to address. I only have two more payments on the motorcycle, so I have that to look forward to. That doesn’t mean I’ll be rich by then, but it will help. That doesn’t help me with right now, though. I was considering getting rid of the car. What is my car but something to spend money on? Sure it’s convenient, but is it necessary? Unfortunately, living in this climate it is. But I don’t have to use it that much. As long as I watch how often I use it I shouldn’t have to spend as much on gas. It costs me about forty dollars to fill it, which so far has been every two weeks. I don’t have to drive it that much. I have the motorcycle, which is a lot more fuel-efficient. I could also look into getting a bicycle. That doesn’t help with getting to work in the winter-time, although I have seen people do that. That’s something to look into, but I doubt I will get rid of it. Besides, as long as I watch my gas I don’t spend that much money on it. Registration is coming up, which is a pain, but I’ll get around that.

I’ve also been looking into ways to cut my electricity bill. In years past I used an air conditioner in the room that I’ve been keeping my guitars. I’ve been looking it up and finding that I need to worry more about humidity than heat, and the air conditioner may actually adversely effect that. What I need to do is get a few guitar humidifiers and keep them in their cases. Even a fan might help. I’ve had them in warm rooms before, and as long as it was constant, nothing happened. Another way to cut on my electricity bill is by drying my clothes rather than throw them in the dryer. Having my own machines is nice, but an extra cost. A one-time cost of a drying rack should reduce my bill by quite a bit. I’ll still use the washing machine, but that shouldn’t cost as much as the dryer to run.

I don’t want to have to cut out my Internet connection. It’s one of the more expensive bills that I have, but I’ve lived without it. Life at home is much more interesting and fulfilling with it. If I drive to the nearest wi-fi connection then I’m back to the cost of gas, and with a laptop riding there on a bicycle would be a pain. Besides, my laptop is cracked in the back, causing me to be cautious whenever I fold it up. Now that I have this blog and do so much else online I have reason to go on nearly every day. Still, I can reduce that bill. The cable modem I have is leased to me from the service provider. I just ordered my own, and when I get it in and register it with them I can send theirs back. I also looked into getting phone service with them to see if I could then cut my current phone plan with a different company, but at best it would come to the same cost every month. I also like keeping my two services through different companies.

Do I really need Spotify and Netflix? No, but they are cheap. I’m going to keep them for now. Especially when I no longer owe on the bike I should be able to afford them. If not, oh, well. I won’t cry over it. They’re entertaining, but not necessary. I especially don’t need Spotify, cause I rarely use it. They also have a free service if I’m willing to put up with ads. I’ll just switch to that. As far as movies, I also have an Amazon account and can use their Instant Video feature. As rare as I watch movies that shouldn’t be much more expensive.

The biggest thing I need to watch is going out for a coffee here, buying a new CD there… things that are cheap enough that I don’t think about them. But I have to now. I hope that some day I can run into more money, but until then, I have to watch what I have. I don’t need too many things, anyway. I’ve got enough for now. I’ve become less materialistic over the years. I’m not even stressed out over my financial situation anymore. Maybe the less work has to do with that.


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