I confess to a new addiction.

Alright, I have to make a confession. I only started a few days ago, but quickly got hooked. I only wanted to try. I mean, one time wouldn’t make a difference, right? Before I knew it, I couldn’t stop. It’s eating up quite a lot of free time at home–yes, at home! I developed a new addiction, and the worst part is that I’m at it alone. The truth is I can’t bring people to see me in a state a of weakness like this. However, I feel that if I let it out to the outside world that maybe I can ease my way out of this problem. Even if I don’t receive any hope from others, maybe all I need is to be self-conscious that others know what I’m engaged in.

What is this new addiction, you may ask? Yes, it’s time I must tell you. Or rather, I think I’ll show you:

That’s right. I’ve become addicted to J-Pop.

I’ve been more or less aware of Japanese pop culture in recent decades. The music is nothing new to me. I was aware that chirpier music showcased the anime that I’ve seen is pop music, which is something I usually detest when it comes from the west. But there’s something oddly magical in the melodies from Japan. I am in no way professing to be an expert in Japanese culture. That could take years of study and I wouldn’t begin to scratch the surface. In my case, I instinctively typed in “j pop” in YouTube and came up with some interesting results. One of the biggest artists at the moment appears to be Kyari Pamyu Pamyu, as seen in the above video as well as the next one:

That’s some crazy dancing from those women in the veils.

I’m discerning, however. An alcoholic can still tell the difference between his or her preferred beer and what tastes like swill. I haven’t fallen in love with all pop music from Japan. A good example would be that so far I’ve linked to videos from the same singer. Another good example would be the group Perfume. I’m fond of the below video. The music is quite catchy and contemporary sounding, with a hint of eighties artists like Prince. Yet so far it’s the only Perfume song that I enjoy.

Again, more synchronized dancing. I think as an experiment I’ll take videos for pop songs that I don’t like, mute them, and play music that I do like… and see if I like the videos any better.

There’s a lot of crap out there, so I’m only sticking to a few particular videos. I haven’t spent any money on buying songs for my iPod yet, but I’m not ruling it out, ever. I long ago abandoned the term “guilty pleasure” but somehow I don’t think that I’ll ever play this stuff while riding on my motorcycle. I’ve also been reading a lot about K-Pop, which seems to be even more popular. Could it be that J-Pop was my introductory drug, whereas K-Pop is a step up?


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