MULTIPLE ALBUM REVIEW: Releases from 6/13 to 6/17

Pyuria: Incarnadine Revelry
For a truly bombastic experience, turn up the bass on this one. That’s not to say that the album is missing the low end; far from it, in fact. The brutal death metal on this is deep and guttural, and that’s not only the vocals. Yet nothing sounds muddled; everything is mixed perfectly. This is one example of how good production can enhance the material. As far as the music goes, it’s creative and very technical but there’s nothing too original here. It’s just a well thought-out death metal album that’s sure to pummel the ear drums. Horns way up.

Purified In Blood: Flight Of A Dying Sun
Purified In Blood is listed on Encyclopaedia Metallum as “metalcore,” although they only really fall in the “core” category with their most recent full-length. Instead, they come across as more of a death/thrash hybrid with enough core elements to satisfy those fans. In other words, they are a metalcore band that can appeal to just about everybody. Ordinarily I wouldn’t include an album like this on this blog, but it’s metal enough. It’s actually pretty good, too. “Flight Of A Dying Sun” is definitely worth a listen. Horns up, but beware of flailing limbs.

The Outside: The Outside
German thrash metal band presents their self-titled debut full-length. As melodic as thrashy, the band seems to loose the balance between the two elements at times. Yet the album pushes on. Roland B. Marx also mixes his vocals up a little bit, switching between growls and gruff clean vocals. He has good technique, but needs to polish it. There are impressive guitar solos aplenty on this album. The Outside show a lot of promise on their debut. I get the feeling that this is not going to be the best thing we hear from them, but it’s a pretty good effort. Horns up.

Thormesis: Von Leer Und Tod
Upon first hearing this album, I did not want to like it. The guitar riffs share the melodramatic (I’m sorry, “emotive”) qualities of American metalcore, and the clean vocals are goofy. My first reaction was “this is a black metal album that an emo kid can get into.” Yet for some reason I don’t hate it. There’s something about those riffs that are catchy, and the vocals aren’t exclusively clean; those that are can be entertaining. I have a hard time taking this album seriously as black metal, but it’s worth giving a chance… or two. Be warned, though, the songs do get rather long. Horns up.

Reversion: Obscene
Reversion offers well-crafted progressive metal on their sophomore album Obscene. For something progressive and melodic, the band sure gets pretty heavy. Even under the most soaring of vocal lines the guitars remind the listener that this is indeed a metal album. The songs are long enough to let themselves breath, yet only one of them is over five and a half minutes. For something so progressive the songs are quite direct and too the point. The complex change of sections within songs is never distracting. The album is a pleasure to listen to for both those that like to really listen to technique and those who want to just rock out. Horns up.


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