ALBUM REVIEW: Pheonix Amongst the Ashes by Hate Eternal

Phoenix Amongst the Ashes by Hate Eternal takes the listener’s breath away in more ways than one through sheer brute force and technical proficiency.

The album starts out with a slow instrumental called “Rebirth.” Working as an intro, it builds up the tension without going on too long about it. It soon goes into the “The Eternal Ruler.” Thus begins the technical/brutal death metal blast fest. Right away is apparent that both songwriting and production were not ever overlooked, perfectly balancing each other out while sounding amazing in both. Every instrument is clear and mixed properly; even the bass, which is way in the background, can be heard. While the guitars at the front of the mix, the growling–both high- and low-end, simultaneously–can be heard, and words can be distinguished.

Each song switches between mid- to fast-pace tempos effortlessly. The same can be said of the technicality of the riffs. In other words, the band went with whatever it took to craft amazing songs.

A real highlight of the album is the beginning of “The Art of Redemption.” It starts off with one of the craziest guitar leads imaginable, screaming over incredibly technical drumming and bass playing. It leads into a fast paced song that even feels like somebody is going crazy, with a guitar duet that throws your brain for a loop. The song is a good example of the album. The beginning itself… is not just a highlight of the album but of new metal releases so far this year.

Despite all of the creativity and technical prowess, the album doesn’t get too “experimental.” It stays true to being Hate Eternal… which already makes it an awesome album from the get-go. It’s definitely one of the albums of the year so far, earning horns way up.


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