ALBUM REVIEW: Shatter EP by Triptykon

I’ve mentioned before that Celtic Frost’s last album, “Monothiest,” is one of my all-time favorite metal albums. Triptykon released a more-than-adequate follow-up earlier this year with Eparistera Diamones. Covering songs from both bands, Triptykon quickly became one of my favorite live bands altogether.

Their most recent release, the Shatter EP, even says on the cover that it is “Eparistera Diamones Accompanied.” While each of the songs are great, overall it does feel like a collection of bonus tracks. As such, the price point does feel rather disappointing. There is a limited edition box set containing both releases; but the release is very limited (500 copies worldwide).

Still, there’s nothing wrong with the material in of itself. The three original songs sound as if they could fit on the album. They evoke the same intense emotion and darkness that make Tom G. Warrior’s music great. “I Am The Twilight” could have made a great invocation on Eparistera Diamones. One wonders why they were left off, as the liner notes indicate they were written at the same time, if not before. Perhaps time constraints were an issue.

The EP is rounded off by two live tracks, “Circle Of The Tyrants” and “Dethroned Emperor,” the latter of which with excellent guest vocals by Nocturno Culto. I would have liked to have a recording of their slowed-down version of “Procreation Of The Wicked,” but I’ll take these two. The recording is perfect. The listener can tell the recording is live, without sacrificing sound quality. Too often in the metal world do we get live albums that simply sound like a “best of” collection with crowd noise added. One can only hope that Triptykon will release a live album at some point.

I hate to not support the bands I love, but as I said before, I feel awkward paying so much for this EP. Otherwise, I have no regrets, as the material contained within is worth a double horns up.


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